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6 Summary
    • Engine Type *

      Choose between Diesel or Petrol Engines. Petrol engines use spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture, while diesel engines rely solely on heavily compressed air. Other differences can be attributed to the structure, types, and uses of these engines.

    • Transmission *

      Choose between Manual or Automatic Transmission. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal. You also have a simplified gearbox. Manual transmission cars have five or six gears, plus reverse, giving you full control over how the car performs. Currently, the Automatic Transmission is not available.

    • Wheel Drive

      Choose between a 4x2 or 4x4 wheel drive. The 4X2, or two-wheel-drive, features a drive system that transmits power to either the rear or front wheels. A 4X4 (currently unavailable), or four-wheel-drive, has power delivered to all four wheels via a transfer case.