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2 Exterior
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4 Entertainment System
5 Service & Maintenance
6 Summary
    • Engine Type *

      Choose between Diesel or Petrol Engines. Petrol engines use spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture, while diesel engines rely solely on heavily compressed air. Other differences can be attributed to the structure, types, and uses of these engines.

    • Transmission *

      Choose between Manual or Automatic Transmission. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal. You also have a simplified gearbox. Manual transmission cars have five or six gears, plus reverse, giving you full control over how the car performs. Currently, the Automatic Transmission is not available.

    • Wheel Drive

      Choose between a 4x2 or 4x4 wheel drive. The 4X2, or two-wheel-drive, features a drive system that transmits power to either the rear or front wheels. A 4X4 (currently unavailable), or four-wheel-drive, has power delivered to all four wheels via a transfer case.

    • Driving Mode

      Choose between Sport or Eco driving mode. Sport mode would hold the car at a higher rpm moving through the gears which puts more power to the wheels when you step on the gas. Eco mode lets the transmission cycle through the gears at the most economical point usually at a much lower rpm.