Nord Automobile

Nord Automobiles is a Nigerian automotive manufacturer with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Our establishment was born out of the need for a remarkable made-in-Nigeria automobile brand.

Our operations focus on delivering quality expertise in the value chain – which includes the design, sourcing, development, assembling, distribution, marketing, provision of sales and after-sales service of our unique Nigerian branded automobiles.

Our fleet of Nigerian branded vehicles include the Nord Tank, Nord Max, Nord Tusk, Nord Flit, Nord A3 Sedan, Nord A5 SUV, Nord A7 SUV, Nord Yarn, Nord Tripper, Nord Demir and more.

Our key objectives include:

  • Design and alignment of vehicles in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa to fit the local climate.
  • Offer affordable and durable vehicles.
  • Offer easy access to best-in-class after-sales quality service.
  • Build a reliable and credible Nigerian auto brand


To be the Nigeria branded global automotive company that designs and assembles premium vehicles at relatively competitive cost while offering easy access to full ownership.


Growing together efficiently: We are an automobile company working to grow with the society and our clients.


Deliver excellence: Our primary aim is to provide the Nigerian market with the best-in-class automobile vehicles. Exercising and expanding our circle of competence, hard work and tenacity to make these our bedrock

Customer and Employee Success: Bound by a team that delivers excellence together to create an internal and external success story of a truly Nigerian Brand.

Integral collaboration: Our sum of the part makes up the whole. As a brand, we are committed to the impact of our collaboration on the Nigerian market.